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Melissa S Simoes

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I've been training for almost three years. Now. I trained pretty much any client with any sort of health condition or ailment any sort of like hip problems back problems. I've trained clients with a morbid obesity and people with COPD and all the things like that. I would help my clients set them up for Success just by supporting them along the way and just letting them know that we're all human and we all make mistakes and also just by  giving.
On my Fitness and Nutrition knowledge and some of the things that you like habits and accomplish what Mitch wise. I like to work out a lot more like body building type work out. Sometimes I'll do like a little bit of powerlifting between I just like to be very versatile in the gym, and I'm also a artist I really like to pay and a few of my paintings actually won Best in Show in a few our contest..

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