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Hello, my name is Eric Garcia as an instructor. I informally been in constructing or teaching about four years now formally I started April of 2020. So it's going to be about a year. Now what I can do to set people up for success is I'm very flexible. I've been an athlete all my life. So I understand what it is to be a student athlete what did like what it was like to work and live at home with family. So I know what it's like to be around kids. So I work.
Well with kids so I'm very flexible and I'm I have unique approaches to reaching your goals. Someone caught on cobblers accomplishments. I would say as of right now, I'd helped my dad who's been trying to lose weight for like 15 years now since he started working with me because it's very proud of you asked me to finally ask for your ask me for help. And so far in two months. She's lost 12 pounds. So as a fitness instructor, that's my most recent accomplishment.

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